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Fractionated Fatty Alcohol

  • C8-10 alcohols & C12-14 alcohols are both colourless liquid product with typical fatty alcohol odour.
  • C8-10 alcohols are used as a direct adjuvant, solubiliser and defoaming agent.
  • C12-14 alcohols are used directly as foam stabilisers, detergency-boosting and lubricant additives.
  • C16-18 alcohols are solid white waxy like product with mild fat-like odour.
  • Used directly as a lubricant, a foam inhibitor and a consistency-giving factor in cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations.
  • The product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.


  • Octyl Alcohol C8-98
  • Decyl Alcohol C10-98
  • Lauryl Alcohol C12-98
  • Myristyl Alcohol C14-98
  • Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol C12-14
  • Cetyl Alcohol C16-98
  • Stearyl Alcohol C18-98
  • Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol C16-18 30/70
  • Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol C16-18 50/50